I have always been creative, curious and a do-it-yourselfer. As a teenager I dreamed of supporting myself creatively while traveling the world.

When I first went to college I made the mistake of thinking that if I did my art for money it would spoil it. What I didn’t realize was that if I didn’t do it for money there was a good chance it would get crowded out of the picture.

This led me on the path to life getting in the way— My first job as a clerk for an insurance company; a career in horticulture; a second career as a gift buyer for a large bookstore; failed relationships; a lifelong learner with certificates in landscape design and fine arts; multiple car accidents…

One of the things I did to keep my art alive was to create an illustrated line-art calendar. I did this for ten years, creating a cast of characters along the way who would return each year for a new single-frame adventure. The first time I animated one of my characters I was completely hooked, and this extended to the interactivity of web design.

Another thing I have always had a gift for is coaching or calming people, talking them through their issues. When I was six a friend was bitten by a poodle and I amazed her mother when I kept her calm all of the way to the doctor’s office. At seventeen I had my own shift on a crisis hotline.

In 2003 I was feeling trapped in my dead-end job at the bookstore when I was almost killed in another car accident. This put me in a wheelchair for six weeks. I had been wanting to change jobs for years, and when I returned to work months later it became clear to me that life is too short to not follow my dreams.

With the goal to be the best I can be I went back to school full-time to finish my degree in graphic design, with an emphasis on web design and animation. My favorite class was in screenwriting, giving me the opportunity to write a screenplay specifically for two of my characters from the calendars, opening the door to a future film.

I knew I wanted to do web design, and the entire time I was in school I had a steady stream of people coming to me with their stories of website frustration.
• They needed one but wanted someone they could trust.
• Their business was suffering and their website wasn’t doing it’s job.
• How totally overwhelmed they were whenever they tried to wrap their brains around the whole web marketing /search engine /social networking Bermuda Triangle.

So the entire time I was in school I wanted to help these people and was totally guilt-ridden because as a student I had no time to spare — and I was humbled by the fact that they all trusted ME. This also made me realize that, as much as I love digital design, sitting in front of a computer all day every day wasn’t going to be the best way to meet people’s needs. To be truly effective I needed to add in a coaching element to provide some guidance. This is how Findable Design LLC was born.
Fast forward to now, through Findable Design LLC I can give back and help people with their websites, demystifying how internet marketing fits together, and by helping business owners to tell their stories, bringing success to more lives and businesses.